Strategic Measurement & Performance Assessment Committee

Charge -- The Strategic Measurements and Performance Assessment Committee performs the following functions:

M1- Develops a process to collect and consider input from the university community regarding appropriate strategic measurements.

M2- Conducts open hearings prior to advancing recommended indicators to the University Strategic Goals and Priorities Committee.

M3- Recommends appropriate indicators to evaluate progress toward achievement of established university goals and priorities.

M4- Reviews indicators yearly and recommends changes.

M5- Tracks & evaluates the degree to which recommendations from support & academic program reviews have been acted upon and implemented to ensure the integrity and utility of the program review process.

M6- Prepares reports for the University Strategic Goals and Priorities Committee.

Membership -- Committee membership includes the following:

  • Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, Interim Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Accountability
  • Julie Reynoso, Manager, Administrative Services, Business and Finance
  • Michele Lathi, Development and University Relations
  • Denice Barr, Associate Director, Health Services, Student Affairs Ted Wendt, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
  • Maithreyi Manoharan, Associate Vice President for Information Technology
  • Amin Elmallah, Dean, College of Business Administration
  • Alfred Petrosky, Speaker Elect of the Faculty
  • Priscilla Peters, Systems Librarian, Library Services ( Chanwit Phengpis, At Large (term fall 2004 through 5/07)
  • Panos Petratos, At Large (term fall 2004 through 5/06)
  • Chet Jensen, At Large (term fall 2004 through 5/05)
  • Chelsea Minor, ASI
  • Louisa Herrera, Coordinator, Tutoring Center

Non-Voting Administrative/Staff Support

  • June Boffman, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Gary Lowe, Committee Staff Support

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