Strategic Planning


Date: December 3, 2014

To: CSU Stanislaus Stakeholders

From: Dr. James T. Strong
           Chair, Committee to Implement and Prioritize the Strategic Plan (CIPSP)
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs  

Subject: Strategic Plan Prioritization Survey

As Chair of the Committee to Implement and Prioritize the Strategic Plan (CIPSP), I am requesting your input via a survey that will facilitate strategic planning for the University. The survey is available from Wednesday, December 3rd to Friday, December 19th. This is an anonymous survey, and CIPSP would like as many stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, external community members and others) to complete it as possible. I would very much appreciate it if you would please fill out the survey.

Additionally, if you have email lists of external stakeholders (e.g., advisory boards) and students, please forward this memo and the survey link to them and encourage them to complete it. This is a convenience sample; thus, if someone receives more than one request to complete the survey, it is not problematic. CIPSP assumes stakeholders will not complete the survey multiple times. We will share the results of the survey with the campus community. If you have any difficulties or suggestions, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Link to the Strategic Plan Prioritization Survey:

Download as PDF

Mission of the University

The faculty, staff, administrators, and students of California State University, Stanislaus are committed to creating a learning environment which encourages all members of the campus community to expand their intellectual, creative and social horizons. We challenge one another to realize our potential, to appreciate and contribute to the enrichment of our diverse community, and to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

To facilitate this mission, we promote academic excellence in the teaching and scholarly activities of our faculty, encourage personalized student learning, foster interactions and partnerships with surrounding communities, and provide opportunities for the intellectual, cultural, and artistic enrichment of the region.

Vision Statement

CSU Stanislaus strives to become a major center of learning, intellectual pursuit, artistic excellence and cultural engagement for California's greater Central Valley and beyond. We will serve our diverse student body, communities and state by creating programs, partnerships and leaders that respond effectively to an evolving and interconnected world.

University Values

In order to achieve our mission and vision:

  • We inspire all members of the campus community to demand more of self than we do of others to attain new knowledge and challenge assumptions. We challenge one another to be fully engaged, responsible citizens with the ethics, knowledge, skills, and desire to improve self and community.
  • We value learning that encompasses lifelong exploration and discovery through intellectual integrity, personal responsibility, global and self-awareness, grounded in individual student-faculty interactions.
  • We are a student-centered community committed to a diverse, caring, learning focused environment that fosters collegial, reflective and open exchange of ideas.
  • We, as students, create the collegiate experience through initiative, participation, motivation, and continual growth to meet the demands of self and others.
  • We, as faculty, elicit, nurture, and enhance the different voices of our selves, students and communities through deliberate engagement, continual discovery and ongoing transformation.
  • We, as staff and administrators, contribute to the learning environment by demonstrating the knowledge, skills and values that serve and support the University's mission.

Academic Senate Approval of Vision and University, Values 4.12.05 Senate Resolution signed in May 27, 2005 by President Hughes