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Goals in "Pathways to the Future" underwent comprehensive review in 2002-2003. Each goal is linked to the White Paper summary prepared by the campus review comm

The following are the Goals set forth in Pathways to the Future

  1. Creating a campus climate conducive to excellence in teaching and learning.pdf
  2. Maximizing student access throughout the region.pdf
  3. Addressing the needs of a highly diverse population.pdf
  4. Globalizing the curriculum.pdf
  5. Promoting research activities of faculty and students.pdf
  6. Providing the appropriate academic support services.pdf
  7. Promoting and rewarding continuous professional development of faculty and staff.pdf
  8. Creating dynamic co-curricular programs and services in support of the academic mission.pdf
  9. Expanding and creating new partnerships throughout the region.pdf
  10. Creating the institutional processes necessary to accurately assess our progress.pdf

"Pathways Future" 1998 Goals

 "Pathways of Opportunity" 1996

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