University Strategic Goals & Priorities Committee

Charge -- The University Strategic Goals and Priorities Committee performs the following functions:

G1- Reviews Pathways, Cornerstones, and WASC guidelines. Develops a process to collect and consider input from the university community regarding the university's strategic goals and priorities.

G2- Recommends to the President through the Strategic Planning Steering Committee annual university strategic goals and priorities.

G3- Reviews division goals for conformity with the university's strategic goals and priorities.

G4- Recommends appropriate actions to assure that the university remains focused on its strategic plan and avoids mission drift.

G5- Proposes appropriate professional development opportunities to ensure effective strategic planning and implementation.

Membership -- Committee membership includes the following:

  • David Dauwalder, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (chair)
  • Steve Jaureguy, Lieutenant, Public Safety Services (Business and Finance)
  • Anne Harris, Executive Assistant to the Vice President (Development and University Relations)
  • Fred Edmondson, Associate Vice President/Dean of Students (Student Affairs)
  • Diana Demetrulias, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
  • Roger Pugh, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Jim Klein, Interim Dean, College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences
  • Steve Filling, Speaker of the Faculty
  • Kenneth Schoenly, At Large (term expires 5/06)
  • Elaine Peterson, Chair-elect of the University Educational Policies Committee
  • Mario Estrella, ASI
  • Alexander Taghavian, Credential Analyst, Credential Processing Center (staff)

Non-Voting Administrative/Staff Support

  • June Boffman, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Janet King, committee staff support

Meeting Notes:

President's Goals 2003-04.pdf
Strategic Goals & Priorities 2003-04.pdf
Strategic Goals & Priorities 2004-05.pdf
Strategic Planning Diagram.pdf
Strategic Questions-3.19.04.pdf
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