Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program

CalSWEC Title IV-E COVID-19 Letter to Students

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program, as part of the Department of Social Work (MSW) program, provides graduate education, a competency based curriculum, and financial aid. The Child Welfare Training program was created to increase the number of practitioners in public child welfare who hold a master’s degree in Social Work. Upon graduation, students must work full-time in a county child welfare services agency or California Department of Social Services (CDSS) child welfare division for two (2) years.

Eligibility for 2 Year Title IV-E Stipend Program

Students admitted to the two year MSW stateside program, who qualify will receive an award of $37,000 spread over two years. In addition, students must demonstrate a commitment to a career in public child welfare through a separate application process.

Eligibility for 3 Year Title IV-E Stipend Program

Students admitted to the three year MSW program who qualify are current employees of a county, social services, or state human services agency, will receive support in the form of reimbursement for all required educational program costs and qualifying transportation expenses.

The Fall 2021 application is now available. The Title IV-E application is a separate application process applicants may start applying after admission to the MSW stateside program.  Note:  applicants admitted after the deadline are still eligible to apply.  Application period for Fall 2021 is now closed, please check back mid-spring of 2022.

Email completed application to: titleive@csustan.edu.  

Note: Students admitted to the MSW Hybrid Program are not eligible for the Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend. 

This section only applies to 3-year stipend applicants. Only current employees of a county human services agency or Department of Social Services in California can apply for the CW stipend. 

If you are applying for the three-year award and plan to continue working for your department of social services you can begin your preparations. The Child Welfare Training Program requires a letter of support from your agency administration if you are selected and awarded the three-year stipend. This letter should clearly affirm the following:

  1. In accordance with the Title IV-E program general conditions, your agency commits to support you during your education by reducing your paid employment caseload by 2/5 during your first two academic years, while you are required to be placed as an intern for two days a week in a field placement, in your agency, in a unit other than your regular job, that provides a learning experience approved by the MSW Program.
  2. That the agency will support your attendance in all classes required by the MSW Program to complete your degree, including schedule flexibility and/or other accommodations, to allow you to arrive on time to classes.
  3. That upon your successful completion of the MSW degree program and continued positive employment reviews that the agency will support your application for employment as a Social Worker IV or a comparable position in the agency if there are positions open.
  4. If there are no positions offered, that you are freed to apply to other agencies to fulfill your payback requirements (2 years).

If, for any reason your employer is unable to support these affirmations please contact the Project Coordinator to discuss your options.

For more information on the Child Welfare Training Program:

Title IV-E Stipend Information brochure.pdf

FAQs Title IV-E MSW Program.pdf

Current Students:
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Title IV-E Graduates & Employment Obligation

Graduates nearing their employment obligation for time worked must complete an Employment Completion Form (ECF).  The ECF is an online form that is generated through CalSWEC's system through email.  Graduates will receive a personalized link by email when near the 24 month obligation period.  To obtain full credit for employment payback obligation graduates must complete the ECF and obtain an agency letter within 31 calendar days of completing employment obligation.

The completion letter on agency letterhead must be in PDF format and include the following:

  • Position title
  • Employment start date
  • Hours per week or FTE
  • Employment end date or indication of continued employment
  • Indication of termination or layoff, if applicable
  • Name & Title of agency signatory
  • Signature and date of agency signatory


John Garcia, Project Investigator
Phone: (209) 667-3769
Jenell Thompson, Project Coordinator
Phone: (209) 667-3205
Email:  jthompson22@csustan.edu
Yvonne Berenguer, Child Welfare Field Faculty                     
Phone: (209) 667-3948         
Kylie Speckens, Full-time Title IV-E Admin. Staff Coordinator
Elizabeth Renteria, PT Admin. Grant Coordinator