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Photo of Dr. Banks
Dr. Sevaughn Banks

Introducing the new Director of Field Education – Dr. Sevaughn Banks

Banks has over 20 years of social work experience. She started as a generalist practitioner in the areas of substance abuse, mental health, health, family visitation and placement. She was the first Child Welfare Services/Case Management Systems (CWS/CMS) Trainer in San Francisco County Human Services. Her exposure and experience in training was the beginning of a long love affair with teaching and learning.

Meet Dr. Banks

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Four semesters of supervised field practicum in a social work agency is part of the core curriculum. Field practicum is scheduled two full days a week. Students are expected to be in their placements during the agency's normal hours of operation. No credit is given for life experience or previous work experience. Field practicum is a central component of social work education. The practicum provides comprehensive supervised practice experience, which consolidates content presented in the classroom. The practicum provides students with the opportunity to apply foundation knowledge, skills, values and ethics, and practice skills to enhance the well being of people and ameliorate environmental conditions that adversely affect people. It is essential for professional development that social work students demonstrate knowledge, values and skills of social work practice within the context of the practicum. Practicum placements provide students with a range of learning assignments encompassing areas of social work practice. The practicum is a supervised experience affording students the opportunity to develop a range of professional practice skills and to evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions.

Field Practicum Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

All students must complete 250 Agency Field hours per semester (500 hours for each academic year), attend all seminars, and successfully complete the Learning Plan competencies in order to a receive a passing grade for SW5040 or SW5041.

September 5 Field Practicum begins (16 hours per week)
September - October Faculty Liaisons schedule agency visits to review placement learning plans with Field Instructors & students
November 23-24 Holiday No Field Practicum
December 20 - January 3 Winter Break No Field Practicum
January 4 Resume Practicum (16 hours per week)
April 2-6 Spring Break - No Field Practicum
May 3 Field Practicum ends

Learning Plan & Evaluation Forms

Foundation Students (1st Year)

Advanced Students (2nd Year)

Employer Placements

Interns requesting an employer placement must review the following guidelines and submit a placement proposal and MOU

Interns in the Hybrid MSW Program use the following proposal and MOU


  1. 30 Day Action Plan.pdf
  2. Agency Orientation Checklist.pdf
  3. Consent for Release of Information.pdf
  4. Contracted Field Agencies list.pdf
  5. Critical Reflection Log.pdf
  6. Intern Supervision Notes.pdf
  7. Keeping a Journal.pdf
  8. Learning Plan Advisement.pdf
  9. Process Recording Outline.pdf

New Field Placement Agencies