Program Curriculum Schedules

This program is a sixty (60) unit curriculum, accomplished in four (4) semesters in the two-year program or in six (6) semesters for the three-year program.

Three Year Program

The three-year program allows students to complete the degree work in three years rather than two. In the first semester, students take thirteen units. Thereafter, students take an average of 9-12 units per semester. Most classes for the three-year program are scheduled late afternoon or early evening. The field practicum requirements are similar to those for the full-time program.

Field Practicum Requirements

Field instruction is arranged on a concurrent model. Students are required to complete approximately 1000 hours of internship, which includes a regularly scheduled seminar. Students are placed in a variety of social service agencies approved by the Social Work Program. Students can expect to be in one agency placement for the first year and move to another practicum setting the following year. All students are under the supervision of an MSW field instructor.

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Updated: April 25, 2024