Stars of Service 2021

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Stars Recognition

April 2021
Julia Sankey

Dr. Julia Sankey and a team of community members laid the topsoil for a new non-profit the Turlock Community Gardens. Click on a date at the left to view information about Turlock Community Gardens.

The Office of Service Learning provides services to our faculty and community partners to prepare students to become the next generation of leaders who can meet the challenges in our ever-growing diverse society.

Due to the dedicated hard work of these individuals, we would like to recognize their outstanding efforts through the Stars of Service bulletin. We hope that their work will inspire you to continue seeking the innovative pathways that will meet the challenges, and improve the quality of life, in our region. 

Let us know of individuals you know on and off the Stan State campus who are doing outstanding academically-based services in our community. 

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  • April 2020: Dr. Mohktari, Dr. Morsony, Dr. Pagano, and Dr.To with science students opened up the skies for more than 600 community members to learn about the starry night. Click on date to view information about students' Astronomy Night activities.
    April 2020 Stars of Service
  • May 2020: Dr. Dae Hee Kim and his computer science courses help our local service agencies make a greater impact in the community by reinvigorating local agency's websites. Click on the date to view information about the students' work.
    May 2020 Stars of Service
  • June 2020: Dr. Richard Wallace and his Anthropology students developed and conducted an impactful survey with clients at a local homeless shelter. Click on the date to view information about the students' work.
    June 2020 Stars of Service

Updated: April 06, 2023