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Turn Off Teams Meetings by Default in MS Outlook

Avoid accidental log-ins to Teams meetings when hosting a Zoom session.

A common issue with scheduling events in Outlook Calendar is that a Teams online meeting is created by default. You can change this setting to create a Zoom link by default or turn off any online meeting by default. You can then choose whether to add an online meeting, and if so, choose Zoom or Teams.

To turn off the default online meeting option:

  1. Go to the “Settings” icon in Outlook Calendar [Settings icon - gear wheel]
  2. Select “Events and invitations”
  3. Under “Events you create”, uncheck the box next to “Add online meeting to all meetings”
  4. OR change the default online meeting to “Zoom”
  5. Click the “Save” button to confirm your choice

Quick Resources for Working/Studying On Campus

Returning to Your Office? Consider a Power Cycle to Refresh your Desktop Computer.

How to Power Cycle a Device

  1. Turn off and/or unplug the device.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  3. Plugin the device and/or turn it back on.

That's it—you just power cycled your device? This resets your device and is basic troubleshooting.

Secure Wi-Fi, Password Resets, & How to Get Help

How to Contact the Technology Support Desk

If you still need help, call the Tech Support Desk at (209) 667-3687 or submit a ticket through the OIT Client Portal.

Working Off-Campus: Tips, Tutorials, and other Website Resources

Below are a few tip sheets and tutorials that OIT has been putting together to help the campus community adjust to working from home. Should you still need further assistance please send an email to or call the Technology Support Desk at (209) 667-3343.

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