Mitel HVS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my voicemail on my Mitel Phone?

  1. Press the Voicemail softkey.
  2. Enter default passcode: 782623
  3. Follow prompts to set up your own passcode, voicemail message, etc.
    NOTE: Voicemail passcodes need to be at least 6 digits and should not include numbers in sequence (123456) or repeating numbers (999999).

How do I access my Mitel voicemail from off campus?

  1. Call 209-664-6900
  2. Enter your mailbox ID (your campus extension) followed by #
  3. Enter your voicemail password followed by #

How can I delete my missed calls?

  1. Press the Telephone button on the right side of the phone.
  2. Press the Delete softkey.

How can I transfer a call directly to a voicemail box?

  1. Press the Transfer softkey (Xfer)
  2. Enter *55 followed by the user’s extension.

How do I set the display to never show the screensaver?

  1. Press the Options button to enter the Options List (it is the middle button on the far left side of the phone keypad).
  2. Press the right navigation button to highight the Display option and press the checkmark button or Select softkey.
  3. Press the down navigation button to highlight the Screen Saver Timer setting.
  4. Using the keypad, enter in the desired amount of time (in seconds) the phone must be idle before the screensaver is initiated. The range is 0 (screensaver disabled) to 7200 seconds (with a default of 1800 seconds).
  5. Press the Save softkey to save your changes.

My phone has the red light on and the screen says no service.  Is there something wrong?

Your phone needs to be restarted. Instructions (PDF)

Can hold music be set per user?

Music on hold can be turned off on a per call basic by first entering *60 on the keypad prior to making the call.  Your hold music can be turned off completely by contacting your Telephone System Administrator.

With music on hold, if I am on a conference call and not talking, and answer a second line while on the call, will the music on hold play at that time?

Yes, it will.  There is no setting to remove music on hold after a call has been initiated.

Will disconnecting a Surface Pro affect the desk phone's abilty to handle incoming/outgoing calls?

No.  Disconnecting your tablet from the docking station will not adversely affect the new phone service. The phone will continue to work normally.

What does the Speed 100 button do?

Creating a Speed Dial Using Speed Dial 100
You can use the Speed 100 softkeys, if available, to create speed dial functions that are saved on the Clear-span system.

  1. Press the Speed 100 softkey.
  2. Select Options, and then select Add.
  3. For Enter Speed Code, enter a speed dial code to apply to the speed dial entry using the keypad keys. You can enter a number from 0 to 99.
  4. Press Done to move to the next field.
  5. For Enter Number, enter a number for the speed dial entry using the keypad keys.
  6. Press Done to move to the next field.
  7. For Enter Name, enter a name to apply to the speed dial key using the keypad keys to enter the name. Continue to press the keypad keys to access the next letter for that key (i.e. press 2 three times to access C). To insert a space between letters, press the Space softkey. To backspace and erase a mistake, press the Backspace softkey.

    NOTE: The phone automatically uses an upper-case letter for the first letter of each word and a lower-case letter for all subsequent letters in the world. If necessary, use the ABC softkey to specify upper-case letters or lower-case letters when entering the name.

  8. Press the Done softkey to save the speed dial information to the speed dial code you selected.

    NOTE: To remove a speed dial number from the phone, select the speed dial entry, press Options, and then press Delete.