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Stanalytics is your gateway to the Stanislaus State Data Warehouse. Stanalytics is comprised of several powerful web-based tools that work in conjunction with the PeopleSoft application, as well as other sources of data on campus. Listed below are some of the reporting tools that let you access the data in our data warehouse. These tools are meant to give decision-makers access to information, and assist in answering data-driven questions. These tools are not meant to replace our official reporting system for the Chancellors Office, rather these tools are to be used for operational and planning purposes. 

Reporting Services


Microsoft Reporting Services is an operational reporting tool that can display several different types of “canned” reports. These reports are meant to be quick and return specific lists of data (i.e. a student list of biology majors). Users need only enter a few parameters on each report to view data. This tool is intended for operational users. Log in with your domain username and password (ie: jdoe).

Open Tutorial

Team Looking at reports

CFS Data Warehouse

The Common Financial System (CFS) Data Warehouse is hosted and maintained by the Chancellors Office and provides the campus with a set of interactive CFS dashboards containing common core financial reporting capabilities as required by the campus and the Chancellor’s Office. The CFS Data Warehouse is comprised of a set of CFS data warehouse tables, the Oracle OBIEE reporting tool, and various reports and dashboards. The CFS Data Warehouse can also be accessed via the CSU Portal/CFS pages.

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Updated: December 05, 2022