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OIT Current and Upcoming Project Announcements:

OIT's New Work Order Link is Live July 23rd at 5 pm 

On Thursday, July 23rd at 5 pm OIT's work order system is moving to TeamDynamix (TDx). The TDx Client Portal will look different and you will need to sign in with your Stan State email account. Once you're signed in select the Submit a Ticket button on the right side of the page. 

Learn how to submit a ticket to OIT using TDx

There are lots of self-service options on the page in addition to the ticketing system.

You will still have the option of submitting requests by calling us at (209) 667-3687 or emailing techsupport@csustan.edu.

Please contact the Technology Support Desk if you have any questions or concerns.


Data Center Migration During Library Construction - Complete

Due to Library construction, the OIT Data Center will be migrated starting July 28 through August 10. During this period there will be intermittent interruptions to campus technology services. 

To know which softwares and applications will be down during this move, please refer to the Data Center Dependencies list. OIT will do its best to keep it updated with the list of what is available, or not.

For more information or to request assistance please contact the Technology Support Desk at techsupport@csustan.edu or call (209) 667-3687. You may also enter an IT Support Request HEREhttps://www.csustan.edu/oit/workorder-request


Student Email Migration from Gmail to Outlook  - Complete

Student email accounts are migrating from Google Gmail to Microsoft Outlook. This migration will automatically move all email messages and attachments from Gmail to Outlook. Google Suite tools, including Drive, will remain available to the campus community.  

Visit our new Student Email webpage to access archived Gmail messages and the new Outlook email platform.

Additional resources are available at the Student Email FAQ.


What you Need to Know: 

  • Email addresses (e.g., student_name@csustan.edu) will remain the same. 
  • Email messages and attachments will be migrated automatically but not all messages will migrate at the same time. 
  • All Google Suite tools, other than Gmail, will continue to be available.  
  • Forwarding functions setup in Gmail will need to be set up again in Outlook. 
  • Complete instructions on using Outlook will be sent directly to Gmail users. 
  • Faculty and staff should know that students may not have all their messages in their inbox right away. Critical messages should be resent after the migration date. 
  • Prospective students applying for fall 2020 will be assigned Microsoft Outlook accounts rather than Google Gmail. 

Tips to Help Students Prepare for the Migration: 

  • Remove Categories/Tags from your Gmail. 
  • Clean out the Junk/Spam/Deleted message folders. 
  • Forward critical messages to an alternate email account to have them available during the migration. 


  • Students, faculty, and staff will be on one unified email and calendar platform to streamline communications and collaboration. 
  • Students will have access to a Stanislaus State address book. 
  • Additional file sharing and real-time collaboration among faculty, advisors, and supervisors for student employees on campus. 
  • Greater integration with Microsoft Office 365, available for free to students to install on up to five devices including iOS and Android. 
  • Increased inbox size: students using Outlook (powered by O365) have a 100 GB inbox size compared to Gmail's default inbox. 

Why is this Happening? 

The IT Steering Committee made and approved the motion to unify students, faculty and staff on one email/calendar platform. This migration removes barriers to collaboration between students and faculty as well as student employees and their supervisors. 



Do You Have an S: Drive, W: Drive, or Z: Drive?

To enhance the security and reliability of the campus technology you use every day, OIT is in the process of moving personal and department drives (better known as the S, W, and Z drives) to Microsoft's OneDrive, Teams, and Office 365 email. This change is partly in response to Microsoft ending support for older IT infrastructure - this support ends in January 2020. While we must move away from unsupported technology, we also recognize that these changes give you enhanced access and significantly more storage.

 What is happening?

             Personal share drives (S:) and department share drives (W: or Z:) are now READ ONLY and they will go offline completely on March 1, 2020.

 Why is this happening?

              These shared drives are no longer supported by Microsoft and this presents a security risk for the campus. Moving your file storage to OneDrive gives each individual significantly more storage. Moving departments to Teams will increase storage, meets security standards, and simplify remote and shared access to information.

 When is this happening?

              Much of the work is already done. We have already migrated many departments to Teams, and are ready for the next phase of the migration: setting the shared drives to READ ONLY on January 17th, 2020. This project will be final on March 1st. 

 What do you need to do?

               If you have already migrated your data to OneDrive and Teams, there's no additional action needed. If you actively use the S: and W: drives please contact the Technology Support Desk for more information or to request training for yourself or your department.

 What happens if March 1st comes and we are not complete?

                We will have a full copy of the data as well as backups. If you need files after March 1st you can request assistance from the Technology Support desk.

Current Projects 

OIT News: New Services and Product Enhancements


Office 365 Migration - OIT is migrating the campus to the Office 365 suite of tools. This includes O365 email, Microsoft Teams, and expanded storage on O365 OneDrive. The migration from email Exchange to O365 in nearly complete with most of the campus faculty and staff either moved or scheduled to be moved. Benefits of moving to email on O365 include significantly larger message storage and easier access from off-campus.

Blackboard Migration - Stan State will be migrating the Blackboard Learn (eLearning) system from being in a self-managed hosting environment to Blackboard Inc's cloud-based offering known as SaaS (Software as a Service). For more information on this, see Blackboard Learn Migration to SaaS. 

OneDrive - 1 Terabyte of Storage - Continuing the theme of more storage and easier access, what is known as the P: drive or personal drive is being migrated to O365 OneDrive. OneDrive offers nearly unlimited storage and easy, secure access from any location. OIT will reach out to you with information before the migration with easy-to-follow instructions, training, and support. OIT will be here to work with you to support any special needs or file storage requirements.

Teams - Collaboration Tool - Another new service coming to campus is the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool. Department Shared Drives offered some limited sharing features, but Teams is a significant improvement in storage, access, communication, and collaboration. For more information, we recommend this short video about Microsoft Teams. Look for more information about Teams this month.

Multi-Factor Authentication - To further enhance information security and protect your access to campus resources, we will be implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process. You may already be using a form of MFA when you access your financial institutions online. 

Microsoft Tools - Lastly, our licensing agreement with Microsoft is augmented to include more services under the new A3 Microsoft feature list. Licensing at the A3 level will soon provide faculty and staff with additional features such as an option to download Office 2019 from the www.office.com website. Our target date for launching A3 licensing is coming up this weekend so look for added features by next week. We plan to have all these new services in place by the end of the semester. 

Training - OIT will reach out to schedule information sessions, training, and follow-up for each department as OIT works with you to implement new services.

You can reach out to the Technology Support Desk for more information at x3687. OIT looks forward to sharing the benefits of more storage, easier access, and better information security while continuing to support your daily business and educational processes.

Chrome 80 Update - What is Happening?

On February 4, 2020 Google Chrome changed the way websites access information about you and your preferences. As a result, the Chrome browser may behave differently or not work for some campus websites. This includes sites like BlackBoard Learn and single sign-on.

Who does this affect?

Students, Faculty, and Staff who use the Chrome web browser.

What Should I Do?

  • Try using another web browser like FireFox, Safari, or Edge. Be sure you know your password if you have Chrome autofill it for you before trying another web browser.
  • If the problems persist after trying other browsers, please contact the Technology Support Desk at (209) 667-3687 or e-mail TechSupport@csustan.edu.
  • OIT and other CSU IT units are actively working to make appropriate updates to web sites and applications to resolve issues caused by this change.

Contact OIT:

Library Annex: See Building #210: Map
Office: LX11 - See Map
Phone: (209) 667-3687
E-mail: TechSupport@csustan.edu

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