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OIT Announces New Services for Fall 2019

OIT News: New Services and Product Enhancements

Fall 2019 is an exciting time for the Office of Information Technology. Throughout this semester, we are working on many enhancements to improve information security, platform stability, and your experience using technology.

Office 365 Migration - As you are aware, we are migrating the campus to the Office 365 suite of tools. This includes O365 email, Microsoft Teams, and expanded storage on O365 OneDrive. The migration from email Exchange to O365 in nearly complete with most of the campus faculty and staff either moved or scheduled to be moved. Benefits of moving to email on O365 include significantly larger message storage and easier access from off-campus.

OneDrive - 1 Terabyte of Storage - Continuing the theme of more storage and easier access, what is known as the P: drive or personal drive is being migrated to O365 OneDrive. OneDrive offers nearly unlimited storage and easy, secure access from any location. We will reach out to you with information before the migration with easy-to-follow instructions, training, and support. We will be here to work with you to support any special needs or file storage requirements.

Teams - Collaboration Tool - Another new service coming to campus is the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool. Department Shared Drives offered some limited sharing features, but Teams is a significant improvement in storage, access, communication, and collaboration. For more information, we recommend this short video about Microsoft Teams. Look for more information about Teams this month.

Multi-Factor Authentication - To further enhance information security and protect your access to campus resources, we will be implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process. You may already be using a form of MFA when you access your financial institutions online. 

Microsoft Tools - Lastly, our licensing agreement with Microsoft is augmented to include more services under the new A3 Microsoft feature list. Licensing at the A3 level will soon provide faculty and staff with additional features such as an option to download Office 2019 from the www.office.com website. Our target date for launching A3 licensing is coming up this weekend so look for added features by next week. We plan to have all these new services in place by the end of the semester. 

Training - OIT will reach out to schedule information sessions, training, and follow-up for each department as we work with you to implement new services. You can reach out to the Technology Support Desk for more information at x3687. We look forward to sharing the benefits of more storage, easier access, and better information security while continuing to support your daily business and educational processes.

Thank you.

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