Photo of Dr. Augustine Avwunudiogba

Dr. Augustine Avwunudiogba

Dr. Augustine Avwunudiogba is an Alumnus of the University of Texas. Dr. Avwunudiogba is a Professor of Geography. Dr. Avwunudiogba was 1 of 4 scientists selected for the USDA 2019 E. Kika De La Garza Science Fellows. He teaches Human Ecology, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Geographic Thought, and Field Methods among others.   

His areas of expertise include geomorphology, environmental sustainability, and human modifications of the natural environment.  Dr. Avwunudiogba has done research in eastern Mexico and western Africa.

Office: B220   Phone: 209-667-3574

Photo of Dr. Jose R. Diaz-Garayua

Dr. José R. Díaz-Garayúa

Dr. José R. Díaz-Garayúa, a Kent State Alumnus, is Associate Professor of Geography joined California State University, Stanislaus in 2016. As an Applied Human Geographer, he teaches courses in human geography and geographic information systems (GIS). He has taught Ethnic Geography, Urban Geography, GIS Application for Urban Analysis, Geographic Thought, and Field Methods among others.

Dr. Díaz-Garayúa is interested in inequities (i.e. socio-economic, human/environmental) and other areas.

Office: B216 Phone: 209-667-3479

Photo of Dr. Peggy Hauselt

Dr. Peggy Hauselt

Dr. Peggy Hauselt is Professor of Geography and Chair of Anthropology, Geography, and Ethnic Studies. Dr. Hauselt is an Alumna of the University of California, Davis.  Dr. Hauselt joined the Geography Program in 2007. She has taught GIS, Advanced GIS, Sustainable Agriculture, Field Methods, Wine Geography, and others.

Dr. Hauselt research interests are related to water use modeling in rice production, land cover and land use change, and agricultural geography. 

Office: B215E   Phone: 209-667-3010 

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Helzer

Dr. Jennifer Helzer

Dr. Jennifer Helzer, Professor of Geography, has a Ph.D. in cultural geography from the University of Texas at Austin.  Her research and teaching interests include immigration, ethnicity, and the transnational linkages associated with human migration and settlement in California.  Her published work explores the various dimensions of migration to northern and central California by refugees, euro-migrants, and recent newcomers.  She incorporates experiential learning, including field trips and community-based service-learning projects, in her courses.  Her recent teaching includes California Cultures and Environments, Ethnic Geography, Urban Geography, Wine Geography, and the Geography of Europe.

Dr. Helzer served for two years as the President of the California Geographical Society and she has held various department and university leadership roles. Most recently she served as Associate Dean of Extended and International Education where she established new international programs and partnerships to support the University’s global initiatives.  She is currently collaborating on two book projects: an open source geography textbook; and a study of sacred foods and culture.


photo of Dr. Alison McNally

Dr. Alison McNally

Dr. Alison McNally is an Associate Professor of Geography.  Dr. McNally, a UC Davis Alumna, joined the program in 2014 as Assistant Professor. She has served as faculty liaison for Service Learning.  Dr. McNally was selected as the Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award recipient for the academic year 2017-2018.  She teaches Water & Power, Introduction to Geospatial Applications, Advanced GIS, California  Culture & Environments, among others.

Dr. McNally is interested in understanding how physical environments may be evolved under changing conditions.

Office: B217   Extension: 209-667-6564   


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