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College of the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Geography & Environmental Resources



Bizzini Hall B220

His areas of expertise include fluvial geomorphology (hydrology, watershed processes) environmental sustainability, and human modification of the natural environment.  He uses many geospatial techniques, including remote sensing, GIS, GPS, computer mapping and cartography, and quantitative methods.  His Ph.D. research focused on modeling soil erosion and river sediment loads and measuring hydrologic run-off in eastern Mexico.

Ph.D. in Geography - University of Texas, Austin

M.A. in Geography – University of  Southern Illinois, Edwardsville, Illinois

M.Sc. in Geography – University of Benin, Nigeria

B.Sc. in Geography – University Benin, Nigeria

Introduction to Physical Geography, Geographer’s Toolbox, World Regional Geography, Human Ecology, Geography of Mexico and Central America, Africa, South of the Sahara, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Field Methods, and Geographic Thought.