The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides information and counseling so that students can make informed choices and their family plan for meeting the costs associated with attending Stan State University. We also provide outreach and access services in collaboration with other university departments and the community.

Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or Dream Act. All Stan State students should complete the FAFSA or Dream Act to be considered for all types of state and federal aid including grants, work study, student and parent loans, and some scholarships. You must include Stan State's Federal School Code on the FAFSA or Dream Act application, 001157. The FAFSA or Dream Act applications are available in English and Spanish. Apply electronically at the FAFSA website or at the CA Dream Act website.
Apply to FAFSA


Apply for California DREAM Act


  • Scholarships: Learn about scholarships available through Stan State and about Off-Campus scholarships.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: Learn about your responsibility to maintain satisfactory academic progress, and how your grades, units, and enrollment affect the financial aid you receive.
  • Disbursement, Receiving Your Aid: Disbursement means the payment of money. Find out about how and when your financial aid and/or scholarship money is paid to you.

What is the difference between loans, work study, grants and scholarships?

A loan must be repaid to the lender, plus interest. Income from a work study job is earned by students hired to work, and it is taxable. Grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Congratulations on your admission to Stan State!

As a new Stan State student, you have a variety of things you need to do prior to starting classes! Make sure to review the information on our website and check out the resources below.

Apply for Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act Application (CADAA)

***For priority consideration, submit your application by March 2nd each year.

***Important Note: Credential students are considered 5th Year Undergraduates, pursuing a credential degree. When completing your application, be sure to make sure you select the correct degree and grade level, or it may delay your awarding.






Federal Direct Student Loans


Campus Resources for Prospective and Current Credential Students

Apply for Aid

For priority consideration, submit your application by March 2nd each year.



Federal Direct Student Loans

Campus Resources for Prospective & Current Graduate Students

If you have been selected for verification the documents will be displayed in the TO-DO list in my.Stanstate student center. Students are able to view Financial Aid tasks (To-Do Lists), if applicable. Students can complete their documents electronically in my.csustan. All required documents listed in the To Do list will need to be submitted to continue the Financial Aid process of the financial aid application.

Please pay attention to emails and the To Do list from the Student Center!

Stay informed about how to create an account and submitting documents.

An email notification will be sent to the Stan State email account from the Financial Aid and scholarship Office to review the awards and accept/decline. The award letter will be made available to students after all the to do items are completed and reviewed by the office. 

Accessing and reviewing the award letter

Contact is only via CSU Stan student email. Check your email daily or weekly for important updates and reminders. 

If you (or your family) have unusual circumstances, such as tuition expenses at an elementary or secondary school, unusual medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance, a family member that recently became unemployed, or changes in income or assets that affect your eligibility for financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office. A financial aid counselor may re-evaluate your application for financial assistance.

Requesting and submit a special circumstance

Still have questions? Contact us! 

No appointment is needed to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor. Contact a financial aid and scholarship Advisor using the chat bot. Available Monday-Thursday 9 am - 12 pm & 1 pm - 4 pm.

btn dates and deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

  • Students: please have your Warrior ID ready.
  • Parents: make sure your student is with you or has authorized you to speak with us. FERPA regulations prevent us from speaking with you about personal financial aid information unless your student is with you, or has released authorization to you. Release of authorization is done by the student requesting a virtual walk-in appointment or in person (government issue ID is required at the time of the request). This could take 48 hours to reflect on our end, so please be aware.

Updated: June 15, 2023