The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves as the “major department” for EOP and Promise Scholar Undeclared and Undeclared Pre-Nursing students. 

Undeclared Advising

As an undeclared student, you have indicated you are not sure or undecided on a major.  Choosing a major can be a difficult and sometimes stressful decision.  Rest assured there are many campus resources to assist you as you explore various majors.  Being flexible and thinking outside of the box will help you discover that your major does not define what careers you can pursue.  However, certain careers such as nursing, do require a specific major.

Career exploration is important early on to help you select a major.  While you explore options, you will work on completing General Education (GE) courses which might count as pre-requisites for your major.  Your academic advisor will help you identify these courses as well as help you stay on track for a degree.

To start, you should complete a FOCUS 2 career assessment to understand what your values, personality, interests, and strengths are.  Attending a Major Exploration workshop, hosted by the Career and Professional Development Center or meeting with a Career Coach will help you narrow your options and find a major that interests you. Visit the Career and Professional Development Center's event calendar for other career exploration workshops.

Talking to faculty and students in the major can help you gather additional information. Informational interviews are another great resource to meet with a professional in a career you are interested in to learn more about the career.  Below are additional resources that will assist you in your major exploration.

Career Exploration Resources

Undeclared Pre-Nursing Advising

Pre-Nursing students are considered Undeclared since it is an academic track, not a major.  Undeclared Pre-Nursing students are not part of the Nursing major and are not guaranteed admission to the Pre-Licensure Nursing program.  As an Undeclared Pre-Nursing student, it is important to follow the most current Pre-Licensure Roadmap that contains pre-requisite courses and requirements needed to apply to the Nursing program.  This program is highly competitive and EOP Undeclared Pre-Nursing students will be required to identify a backup plan within their first year in the event they are not admitted to the program.  Please review the program application statistics.  The career exploration resources listed above for Undeclared students, should also be utilized by Undeclared Pre-Nursing students to develop a backup plan.

Pre-Nursing Impaction Effective Fall 2021

Stanislaus State will be limiting the number of new pre-nursing students for fall 2021 based on high school admission screening criteria.  Students who do not meet the pre-nursing admission criteria will be admitted into their alternative major selected on the Cal State Apply application.  Students can view the Pre-Nursing admission screening criteria on the School of Nursing's Impaction page.

Students admitted prior to fall 2021 will continue on the Pre-Nursing track.  No changes have been made to the Pre-licensure program admission requirements. 

It is important to note that admission to the Nursing Pre-licensure program has a separate program application when requirements outlined in the Pre-licensure Roadmap are met.  Only 30 students are admitted to the Nursing Pre-licensure program during each application cycle (fall and spring). 

Pre-Nursing Resources

Pre-Licensure BSN Track
Pre-Nursing Impaction
Application Statistics
Pathways to Nursing
Learn How to Become
What is the TEAS and how to register
Stan State ATI TEAS Test Dates
Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Licensure


Appointments can be scheduled through Warrior Connect.

EOP Academic Advisor
Your assigned EOP academic advisor will also serve as your Undeclared or Undeclared Pre-Nursing major advisor to assist with course selection and degree completion.  Check your success team on Warrior Connect for your assigned EOP advisor.

Nang Thao
Career and Professional Development Center Career Coach
Assistance with career exploration and developing a backup plan for Pre-Nursing students.

How to schedule a Career Coach appointment

Declaration or Change of Educational Objectives

Effective summer 2021, students will no longer be eligible to change from their current major to Pre-Nursing. 

Students must declare a major once they have accumulated 60 units. Students who transfer from other institutions with 60 units or more must declare by the beginning of their second semester at Stanislaus State. Students who do not declare a major by the time specified will be prevented from registering via a hold until such time a major is declared. 

Already decided on a major?

If you have already decided on a major, follow the appropriate steps below.

Undeclared Students

Complete the new electronic Declaration or Change of Degree Objective form location on the Enrollment Services website (right side under the Records section).

Undeclared Pre-Nursing Students

Complete a Declaration or Change of Degree Objective form and follow these steps:

  1. Complete Part 1 and Part 2.  Student signature is not currently required
  2. Part 3 – Current Major Department and New Department signatures are not currently required
  3. Email the form to the new department chair.  A list of department chairs is available online.
  4. The new department chair will forward the form to Enrollment Services to process the change of major.

Not sure your change of major was processed?  Watch the How to Check Change of Major Video on YouTube to learn how to check your current declared major.

Students must declare a major once they have accumulated 60 units of credit. Students who transfer from other institutions with 60 units or more must declare by the beginning of their second semester on campus. Students who do not declare a major by the time specified will be prevented from registering via a hold until such time a major is declared.

Updated: August 09, 2023