The following tables include all state-supported enrollment trends at the university-wide, four-college, and degree program level, as of fall term census date unless otherwise noted. These enrollments are based on data files submitted term by term to the CSU Office of the Chancellor to fulfill enrollment reporting requirements. These represent unduplicated headcount enrollments based on students€™ primary declared program only; these data are consistent with CSU and IPEDS reporting requirements, with the exception of the fall 2010 through fall 2012 race/ethnicity categories. Please contact IR for more information about the race/ethnicity data.

University-Wide Level

  • Headcount Enrollment by Residence Status and Degree Level (Fall trends)-Coming soon...

College Level

Headcount Enrollment by College, Demographic Characteristics, and Degree Level.pdf Excel

Headcount Enrollment by College, CSU Degree Program, and Degree Level.pdf Excel

Program Level

Headcount Enrollment by CSU Degree Program, Demographic Characteristics, and Degree Level (Fall trends).pdf Excel

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University-Wide Level

College Level

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