Campus Face Covering Protocols

In alignment with California Department of Public Health recommendations, Cal/OSHA requirements, and in accordance with guidance from our local health agencies:

Stanislaus State requires face coverings to be worn in instructional spaces, which include any room within a building where an instructor, teaching assistant or staff member and one or more students are engaged in teaching, learning, research, creative/performing activities or advising.

The face covering requirement will be effective April 25, 2022.

While wearing face coverings indoors is no longer required in many settings, we strongly encourage their use, as they are still a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19, especially in large group settings.

We fully support and respect those who wish to continue wearing face coverings.

Campus community members who are immunocompromised are encouraged to seek accommodations as needed. Students can contact Disability Resource Services and faculty and staff members should contact Human Resources.

Please note: if the campus experiences new COVID-19 surges or concerning variants, we will reinstate the face covering and other COVID-19 safety requirements and adjust our strategies accordingly, as we have done throughout the pandemic.

Face coverings remain available at campus building entrances and in all classrooms. Employees who would like a higher level of protection may request an N95 mask.

Types of Face Coverings

Staff/Faculty: N95 Respirator as Face Covering

An N95 respirator can be worn voluntarily by faculty and staff, regardless of vaccination status. These are available at no cost to the individual or department.

A request for an N95 respirator must be submitted by each individual who will be using the item. Please use the N95 for Voluntary Use form to submit a request.

Putting on a face covering

  • Avoid touching the front of the face covering once it's on.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to handling the face covering.
  • Ensure the face-covering fits over the nose and under the chin.
  • Situate the face-covering properly with nose wire snug against the nose (where applicable).
  • Tie straps behind the head and neck or loop around the ears.

Taking off a face covering

  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing the face covering.
  • When taking off the face covering, loop your finger into the strap and pull the strap away from the ear, or untie the straps.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after removing.

Care, storage and laundering

  • Keep face coverings stored in a paper bag when not in use.
  • Face coverings should be replaced immediately if soiled, damaged (e.g. ripped, punctured) or visibly contaminated.
  • Disposable face coverings must not be used for more than one day and should be placed in the trash after you return home for the day or if it is soiled, damaged (e.g., stretched ear loops, torn or punctured material) or visibly contaminated.

Approved Face Coverings

Face Covering Design Picture Description
Disposable surgical or medical grade mask
Disposable surgical or medical grade mask

Manufactured non-woven material 3-ply filter with elastic loops that covers nose and mouth.

Disposable KF94
Disposable KF94

Manufactured non-woven material 4-ply filter with elastic loops that covers nose and mouth.

KF94s are designed to meet Korean standards.

These are not available through the COVID Supply Store, but may be worn on campus.

Disposable KN95
Disposable KN95 mask

Manufactured non-woven material 5-ply filter with elastic loops that covers nose and mouth.

KN95s are designed to meet Chinese standards.

Disposable N95
Disposable N95 mask

Manufactured non-woven material 3-ply filter with elastic head straps. Filter efficiency of 95% or greater against solid and liquid aerosols free of oil.

N95s are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and meet U.S. standards.

These are not available through the COVID Supply Store and must be requested through the N95 Voluntary Use Form.

Face Shield with a drape
Face Shield with a drape

Clear plastic face shield with a drape long enough to tuck into front of shirt.

These are an available accommodation and can be requested by submitting a Request for Reasonable Accommodation.

Updated: April 26, 2022