• Brant Brown, Chartwells
  • Eddie Montez, Student Affairs Events Specialist
  • Evelyn Calvillo, Enrollment Services
  • Gabrielle Archuleta, University Bookstore
  • Hannah Bell, ASI Director for Education, Kinesiology, and Social Work
  • Heather Deaner, Professor, Kinesiology and Public Health
  • Hugo Hernandez, Facilities
  • Jennifer Humphrey, Student Affairs, Chair
  • Jerome Anderson, Information Technology
  • Kristina Stamper, Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Lisa Bernardo, Enrollment Services/Registrar
  • Malinda Simao, Safety and Risk Management
  • Michael Marko, SC Student Director
  • Monica Doll, University Events
  • Nan Zhang, Professor, Management, Operations and Marketing
  • Nancy Moghadas, Faculty Affairs
  • Naraith Lopez, Office of the Provost
  • Neisha Rhodes, Office of the President
  • Steve Olson, University Police Department

Committee Guests

  • Donovan Orozco Preciado, Student Affairs

Updated: January 12, 2024