Employers look for more than a degree. What did you experience in your classes? How did you work with others through class projects, on-campus activities, or service learning? 

Your experiences both inside and outside of the classroom give you the skills and qualities employers seek. These experiences can help you build your resume and portfolio.

Take advantage of your student status and gain experience now.

The Warrior Leadership Program (WLP) gives Stanislaus State students the opportunity to get involved with a comprehensive leadership program that includes workshops and community service. The leadership program focuses on leadership development that challenges students both on campus and in the community.  It gives emerging leaders the opportunity to develop leadership skills and advanced student leaders the opportunity to refine their existing leadership skills.  All Stan State students can participate in the Warrior Leadership Program.

Associated Students, Inc (ASI). and the University Student Center (SC) focuses on providing high quality programs and events that benefit and contribute to student life on campus. All programming within ASI & SC works to fulfill both organizations Missions, Visions, and Values.

The mission of the Faculty Mentor Program is to encourage faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom through mentoring relationships, which improve academic achievement, increase student retention rates, and improve the graduation rates of educationally disadvantaged students. The Faculty Mentor Program is for undergraduate students who are first generation college students.

Study abroad programs provide you with the opportunity to experience the world while fulfilling your academic goals. A global perspective and cross-cultural competence are crucial for success in today’s world. Studying abroad will enrich your life in many ways.

Service learning is an innovative pedagogy (educational approach) that empowers students to learn through active participation in meaningful and planned community service experiences that are directly related to course content. Through reflective activities, students enhance their understanding of course content, sense of social responsibility, general knowledge, self-awareness, and commitment to the community.

Did you know that working on campus can help you gain experience for your resume, build your network, and help you graduate on time? Check out the pages below to find opportunities on campus! 

Updated: August 21, 2023