We will cover information regarding methods you can use to get in touch with company leaders in several industries. We will help with learning how to communicate professionally and make a strong impression. 

As most campus programs, CareerReadyU will operate fully in a virtual setting. CareerReadyU is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous programming that will support your professional development and involves several departments across campus. 

We will send a follow-up email once you indicate interest in the program. Through that email we will share a survey to gather information regarding your current self-assessment of your career readiness.  There is no cost to participate in this program. 

We highly recommend starting to look for internships by the end of your sophomore year, in order to maximize your time as a student if possible.  We will highlight job and internship search techniques that can help students identify areas of interest, such as networking and industry research. This is not a placement program, but we will work with you to get the most out of your resume and other job/internship search strategies. We can also help you with interviewing skills and building your network. 

Events that are promoted through CareerReadyU or hosted as a part of CareerReadyU will be held at a variety of times. Professional Development that can happen asynchronously will be completed at your own pace. 

No, this is not the same program. There may definitely be some overlap in that both programs encourage students to be resourceful and take initiative in development of your career plans, but CRU is another way to learn about events taking place virtually that can support your career development. 

We will host workshops and networking opportunties via Zoom and will highlight great learning tracks on LinkedIn Learning, which you have access to as a Stan State Student. 

We do not guarantee placement in opportunities, but by taking early initiative in building career ready skills, you can learn earlier about opportunities and have competive marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.). We promote utilization of HireStanState powered by HandShake, which is a job board where local employers post a variety of opportunities. These positions are available to all students, regardless of participation in CRU. CRU, however, will help you learn to be more competitive in building related skills and showcasing your skills successfully. 

This is not a club and does not have mandatory weekly meetings. However the goal of CareerReadyU is to help students develop skills and career readiness each semester so participation in activities is key. Students are encouraged to pause and reflect on their experiences in order to discover valuable insights about themselves and how their goals are evolving.

We are launching CareerReadyU program in Fall 2020. 

Updated: November 23, 2021