Faculty Mentor Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Mentor Program is to encourage faculty-student interaction outside-the-classroom through mentoring relationships that improve academic achievement, increase student retention rates, and improve the graduation rates of educationally disadvantaged students.

Join FMP




The Faculty Mentor Program is for undergraduate students who are first generation college students.  To join FMP it’s simple and easy, fill out the Student Protégé Application and email it to Dr. Christy Gonzales, at fmp_rec@csustan.edu, or drop it off at  the FMP Office in Bizzini Hall, room C-107D.  Students applying to the program during the fall semester must do so by the first Monday in November.  Students applying to the program during the spring spring semester must do so by the first Monday in March. 


 Turn the commitment card into the FMP office C107D.