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The Faculty Mentor Program is for any Stan State students whether you are an undergraduate or in a master's program. It's very easy to join FMP; simply fill out the Student Protégé Application down below. Then after submitting the application wait a few weeks while FMP Staff starts the matching process, this may take only a few days or last a little longer. Thank you so much for your participation we look forward to seeing you at our events.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Mentor Program is to encourage faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom through mentoring relationships, which improve academic achievement, increase student retention rates, and improve the graduation rates of educationally disadvantaged students.

FMP Board of Directors

Kelly Cotter
Maria Mora
Lisa Timmons
Esther McKoon
Clarissa Lonn Nichols
Jason Pourtaverdi
Christy Gonzales
Victor Luevano

Updated: May 21, 2024