There are many good resources for tips that will help anyone create and massage a final writing project. Some, such as the AP Stylebook, are available for purchase in printed form or by subscription to the online version, which is frequently updated. Here are five writing resources available online for free.

CSU Stylebook

This one, from our own university system, has some excellent ideas, including checklists and general guidelines that will help you avoid common writing mistakes and assist you with the editing of your final draft.

Visit the CSU Stylebook website

The Elements of Style

Forty-three pages of golden tips on writing effectively that remain as valuable and relevant now as they were when written nearly 100 years ago.

Visit the Element of Style website

Tameri Guide for Writers

Organized like the AP Stylebook but based on many resources, the Tameri Guide is an exhaustive and frequently updated guide on how to write for general audiences.

Visit the Tameri Guide for Writers website

Updated: August 11, 2021