As professionals, faculty members and communicators, we are the caretakers of the Stan State brand. From our online presence to the print pieces we produce, it’s imperative that we speak in a unified voice that represents all of us. Consistency will give the Stan State brand longevity and trust.

Our Name

It is important to correctly refer to the University by its formal name, informal name, or nickname depending on the setting and circumstance.

Informal Name 

Stanislaus State

The University may be referred to as Stanislaus State when addressing friends, family members and peers, or when addressing individuals who are either familiar with the campus, part of the local community or from California. Though it should not be used in the most formal of settings, the Stanislaus State name allows us to celebrate who we are as an institution and where we are located. It also serves to emphasize the very important connection we have to the region.

Formal Name

California State University, Stanislaus

This is, and will continue to be, the University’s formal name. Referencing the University as California State University, Stanislaus is appropriate in all settings, but primarily will be reserved for ceremonial occasions such as commencement, the president’s annual address and other occasions less frequent and more formal in nature. Using the University’s formal name is also appropriate when addressing individuals who are outside of California, unfamiliar with the school or when it is advantageous to include the University’s association with the CSU system.


Stan State 

As the least formal and most affectionate reference to the University, Stan State is used by those who know and love the school. The most appropriate settings for saying Stan State would be among those who are closely connected with the campus and its culture: for example, students, faculty, staff, alumni and incoming students. Formally adopting Stan State as the University’s official nickname gives us permission to move forward with a name that evokes pride in our school.

Please only use the word “University” when referring to Stanislaus State as “the University.” University should be capitalized in this use.

Please do not use  —

No Stanislaus State University
No Stan State University
No University of Stanislaus State
No CSU Stanislaus
No Cal State Stanislaus

Updated: August 24, 2021