Many individuals are following multiple Stanislaus State social media feeds, making it important to distinguish each feed while maintaining the important relationship of each department or program to the University as a whole.

The University branding and style guidelines apply to content posted on social media. If you are planning to share a post that uses the University brand, please be sure to follow the Visual Branding Guidelines.

Profile Photo

Choose a photo that represents your program or department with a strong focal point, or that tells a story. Keep in mind that the photo should be recognizable when viewed at very small sizes. Do not include text in your profile photo. Your account name will appear next to the profile photo.

The shield logo should be used only by official Stanislaus State social media platforms managed by the Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing. It should not be used by any other University units for their social media profile image.

Hashtags (#)

The following hashtags are used regularly on official University social media posts. Please feel free to add these hashtags to your posts to join the conversation!

  • #StanState
  • #StanGrad
  • #WarriorStrong
  • #StanStateProud
  • #StanStateAlumni
  • #AlwaysAWarrior
  • #WarriorPride
  • #WarriorSpirit
  • #WarriorAthletics
  • #WarriorWednesday
  • #ValleyTough

Naming Your Account

Visit the Getting Started page for information on how to name your account.

Student Organization Names

Visit the Getting Started page for recommendations on how to name your student organization.

Updated: January 12, 2024