Visual Branding

We are excited to release the full version of guidelines for the use of the University’s new brand.

As you read this guidebook and begin to incorporate the brand for your use, we encourage you to contact Communications and Public Affairs with your comments and questions. Please note that as we begin to utilize these marks and ways of referring to the University, we will continue to make additions and refinements to the guidebook.

You’ll find instructions here for the proper and consistent use of University logos, an important part of the University’s identity. We encourage widespread use of the full-color University logo as we work toward making it a prominent and recognizable mark on campus and in the community.

Also included here are downloadable marks, including scalable logos, and a complete set of online templates that may be used for the creation of posters, flyers, PowerPoint slides, agendas, memos and letters. In addition, you’ll find a guide for the use of social media as well as a writing style guide with links that can help everyone become a better writer.

We look forward to working with the entire campus community in the rollout and during ongoing use of the University brand. And we hope you will join us in recognizing that the brand isn’t our logo, our name or our motto, but how we are perceived for the positive impact we have on the community we serve. Using our marks in consistent and positive ways will go a long way toward building, enhancing and maintaining the Stanislaus State brand.

Downloadable Logos

Downloadable versions of the primary and secondary logos, as well as logos with the University motto. 

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Secondary Identifiers

Division, college, department and program names will be incorporated into the formal and informal logos. 

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Business System

The University business system includes our letterhead, envelopes and business cards with two options. 

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Department of Athletics

The Department of Athletics maintains its own marks and graphic standards for the athletics related publications and apparel. Please reference these guidelines online.