Agricultural Economics Concentration

The Agricultural Economics concentration gives students the opportunity to combine community college coursework with courses at CSU Stanislaus to obtain a B.S. degree. Students take upper division courses that build on specific knowledge and skills gained at the community college.

Courses in the concentration expose students to economic concepts such as resource allocation at the firm level and at a macro level. Students in the program will gain important statistical skills including forecasting and knowledge about international markets. The program is flexible in that students can develop an independent study/internship in a related field for university credit.

Requirements for the concentration in Agricultural Economics include completion of an A.A. or A.S. degree in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business, or another related field. In addition, students must meet all requirements for the Agriculture major, and all other university graduation requirements.

Agricultural Economics Concentration

Major Upper Division Courses (Minimum of 43 units) 

Core Courses (Minimum 22 units). One course from each area 

A. Capstone Course/ WP (3) 

B. Methodology/ Technology of Agriculture 

  • GEOG 4750 Geographic Information Systems (3) 
  • GEOG 4770 Remote Sensing of the Environment (3) 

C. Physical/Biological Aspects of Agriculture 

  • AGST 3950 Tree and Fruit Crop Production and Management (3) 
  • AGST 4070 Agricultural Geography (4) 
  • AGST 4080 Sustainable Agriculture (3) 

D. Business/Economics of Agriculture 

  • ECON 4640 Economics and Agriculture (3) 

E. Agriculture Policy and Regulations 

  • PSCI 4326 Agricultural Policy and Regulations (4) 

F. Labor/ Personnel Management 

  • AGST 3100 Leadership and Labor Issues in Agriculture (3) 

G. Internship 

  • AGST 4940 Ag Studies Internship (1-4) 

Required Courses in concentration (12 units) 

  • ECON 4200 Intermediate Micro Theory (3) 
  • AGEC 3350 Agricultural Markets and Pricing (3) 
  • AGEC/ECON 4690 Agricultural Finance (3) 
  • AGEC 3300 Farm Management (3)

2. Financial/Quantitative- One Course (3-4 units) 

  • AGEC 4320 Appraisal of Agricultural Property (3) 
  • AGEC 3340 Agricultural Commodity Futures (3) 
  • ECON 3205 Introduction to Econometrics (4) 
  • ECON 4500 Economics of Investment (4) 

3. Upper Division Electives- Two Courses (6-8 units) 

3a. General Business and Economics- One Course (3 units) 

  • AGEC 4930 Strategic Management of Agribusiness Firms (3)
  • ECON 3320 Money and Banking (3) 
  • ECON 4331 Managerial Economics (3) 
  • ECON 4560 Natural Resources and Environment Economics (4) 

3b. Int'l Business and Economics- One Course (3 units) 

  • ECON 4401 Third World Economics (3) 
  • ECON 4415 International Economics (3) 
  • ECON 4455 The US and World Trade (4)