Curriculum Proposals

The Office of Academic Programs welcomes the opportunity to work with deans and department chairs to support faculty efforts in developing new degree programs. Most curricular proposals can be proposed in Curriculog, a paperless curriculum management system. New degree major program and program modifications requiring submission to the Office of the Chancellor are not yet available in Curriculog. No curricular change, and new degree or concentration, may be publicized before final approval. There are legal implications.

Curriculog - Curriculum Management

For further assistance with academic programs, the following resource is published yearly by the Chancellor's Office.  The document includes a compilation of pertinent laws, statutes, policies, and descriptions of processes used by the Chancellor’s Office relating to academic programs.

Program Planning Guide

More information about other types of degree program proposals not included here, such as joint-doctoral programs, or other program development information can be found on the Chancellor's Office website

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