Proposing New Academic Programs

 Academic Programs | Overview

The Office of Academic Programs welcomes the opportunity to work with deans and department chairs to support faculty efforts in developing new degree programs.

Meeting with the Associate Vice President for Academic Planning and Analysis
Department chairs who plan to submit proposals for new programs are asked to meet with the Associate Vice President for Academic Planning and Analysis one year prior to the planned date for submitting the proposal to the campus review processes (two years prior to the anticipated implementation date).

Information on the University's Website
The Office of Academic Programs' website includes the following documents that will assist faculty and administration in developing and securing approval of new degree programs:

Academic Program Plans
Projected Programmatic Initiatives.pdf

Options for Submitting New Degree Programs
. Traditional Track (two stages).pdf
Fast Track.pdf
Pilot Program.pdf

Templates for New Degree Programs
Template for Submitting Proposals for New Degree Major Programs.pdf
New Baccalaureate Degree Programs.pdf Graduate Curriculum Policies and Procedures.pdf
Securing State and National Labor Workforce Information.pdf
Student Demand.pdf

I. Employment Opportunities.pdf

J. External Reviewers.pdf

K. Letter of Support for New Programs.pdf

L. Faculty Profile (Curriculum Vitae).pdf

M. Approval Timeline for New Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs

Academic Certificates
N. Policy and Procedure for Academic Certificates (undergraduate & graduate).pdf

Special Sessions

O.Submitting Proposals for New Degree Major Programs through Self Support Special Sessions via University Extended Education.pdf

Q. Accreditation of New Programs

Degree Designation
R. Degree Designation Nomenclature.pdf

Assessment Plan
S. Assessment Plan Characteristics.pdf

Sample Assessment Plans

New Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases, and Minors

T. Procedures for Proposing New Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases, and Minors.pdf