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Stanislaus State launched Curriculog on August 20, 2018. 

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What is my login username and password?

Stanislaus State's Single Sign-On (SSO) is enable for Curriculog. SSO is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. In order to sign-in to Curriculog, use your University credentials (username and password). All Stanislaus State faculty, staff, or administrator have access to log-in to Curriculog. 

Are faculty and staff trainings available? 

Yes. They are listed on the Training Materials & Sessions page. You can sign up for group or one-on-one training sessions. Starting in September 2018, the Academic Programs Team will also be offering open office sessions as posted on the Training Materials & Sessions page. 

Do you have an online training manual? 

Yes. The training/informational materials are available on the Training Materials & Sessions page. 

Which browser should I use for Curriculog? 

Please use the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Internet Explorer is not recommended). 

Can I access Curriculog from home or other locations not on campus?

Yes. It is accessible as long as you have an internet connection via your phone, tablet, or computer. Training materials are only available when logged in with your University credentials. If you are having issues accessing these materials, please contact us