Curriculum Proposal Deadlines

Note: These deadlines are for Department Chairs to submit proposals to their College Curriculum Committees.

The following deadlines have been established for submitting curricular revisions. The dates were established with sensitivity to the time pressures placed on chairs of departments and curriculum committees while also being responsive to the publication deadlines necessary for the Schedule of Classes, the academic catalogs, and academic advising.

Curriculum submitted after the below deadlines may not be considered for the 2024/25 catalog and schedule of classes. Selected Topics course proposals must be submitted to college curriculum committees at least 1 month PRIOR to the posting of the specific Schedule of Classes.

2023/24 Catalog and Class Schedule*

^This means the DEPARTMENT CHAIR must approve the proposals in Curriculog by end of business on the stated deadline.

*Single curricular deadline implemented for the 2023/24 academic year after consultation with the University Educational Policies Committee and the Provost Advisory Council.

**In order to ensure new course proposals are reflected in each fall term course schedule system (PICWeb), it is highly suggested that new course proposals are submitted as indicated.

Level of Review Required

Deadlines for RECEIPT^ by College Curriculum Committee in Curriculog

Any Curriculum Requiring University-Wide Committee Review (i.e. UEPC, GC, GE Sub, UWC, etc.)

September 29, 2023

New and Modify Course Proposals NOT Requiring GE Subcommittee or University Writing Committee Review

November 24, 2023

Program Revisions NOT Requiring UEPC or GC Review

February 23, 2024

Is University-Wide Committee Required?

  • Yes, if the course seeking designation as a General Education, Writing Proficiency, or Liberal Studies Integrative Course; and/or,
  • Yes, if the course seeking revision is designated as General Education, Writing Proficiency, or Liberal Studies Integrative Course; and/or,
  • Yes, if program revisions indicated a program increase in units, effects on other programs, and/or increase in resources.
  • Yes, if new degree program, concentration, other sub-program, course prefix, or as determined by the governance committees.


Course Fee Proposal Deadlines

Course Fee proposal forms must be submitted every year by the following dates:

  • For fees effective in the Summer/Fall: March 1
  • For fees effective in the Spring: August 1

​​Note: Allow six (6) weeks for the approval process for Course Fee Proposals.

Updated: August 28, 2023