For general users, the Warrior Fab Lab is not a mass production fab lab. We support one-of-a-kind making, prototyping or educational learning but are not able to produce in quantities that a user would be able to sell items as a business. The Fab Lab may produce larger quantities for clubs, organizations, and developed partnerships with approval.

Aerosols, paints and material that involve water or chemical solvents for cleanup are not allowed in the Warrior Fab Lab. DO NOT use the Library bathrooms to clean up any materials used in the Fab Lab.

Users may not create weapons or items that may be dangerous or illegal. Stage props, replicas of artifacts, or other educational uses are permitted, however, we appreciate consulting with us in-person or by emailing FabLab@csustan.edu.

Items that may be copyright or patent infringements are not allowed to be created in the Fab Lab.

Users must pay for material before any jobs will be processed. Payment can be made in the Fab Lab or in MSR 100.

For class use, please read our policy below.

Class Policy.pdf

For Stan State clubs/organization use, please see our policy below.

Clubs Student Organization Use Copy.pdf


Fab Lab is short for "digital fabrication lab".  A fab lab is a type of makerspace that involves many processes for making things with an emphasis on community learning and open knowledge sharing. What makes each makerspace unique is how each offers materials, equipment, programming, and partnerships based on the specific location and community.

The Fab Lab is open to all Stan State students and employees only, although anyone may visit. We plan to expand availability to community members at a future time. Community members registered as part of a group or established partnership may use the Fab Lab. 

Payment is required for any material provided by the Fab Lab. Payments must be made through the kiosk with cash or credit card before any projects may be started. In general, we do not charge for the use of tools or equipment, with the exception of the Pocket NC 5-Axis CNC Mill. See our Pricing page for specific information.

Yes. 3D printing filament is available for purchase on campus in the Bookstore. Fab Lab users may also bring in material or supplies but must have it approved prior to its use. Please inquire in person or by emailing FabLab@csustan.edu with a link to the material. 

Aerosols, paints and material that involve water or chemical solvents for cleanup are not allowed due to our lack of water or proper ventilation for these materials.

All visitors must scan their Stan State ID cards or enter into our user log. Those intending to use the Fab Lab must complete a basic Introduction and Safety module in Canvas. Users who would like to learn more about the equipment can complete modules in Canvas to earn badges for specific equipment.

We have set up a Canvas website in which we have walk-through guides on how to operate each piece of equipment. If you want more in-depth training contact us or stop in to get instructions from a member from our team. 

No. At this time, the Fab Lab is considered an open lab space, meaning that anyone may use it during open hours. If you are a faculty member and are interested in bringing in your class, please contact the Fab Lab Director, Jake Weigel (jweigel@csustan.edu), to ensure we can make accommodations.

We currently only reserve select equipment. This includes the Virtual Reality and the Pocket NC 5-Axis CNC Mill. All other equipment is first-come-first-serve. 

Not at this time.  

Partnership are agreements between a group, office, department, company  or government agency and the Fab Lab for specific use or production  of merchandise. Please contact the Fab Lab Director, Jake Weigel (jweigel@csustan.edu), with any inquiries.

Users agree to comply with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations in their use of the Fab Lab. Users agree that they will not use the Warrior Fab Lab equipment, materials or facilities in a manner that infringes on any copyright, patent, trade secret or other proprietary right of a third party.

Many clubs and organizations need shirts, buttons, stickers, and personalized accessories like cups, cases, etc. With the equipment available at the Fab Lab we can make right here. Please contact us to discuss project ideas and costs. Clubs and organizations are responsible for purchasing the blanks used for any merchandise.

The possibilities in the Fab Lab are limitless. Whether you're working on a simple craft or something more complex, if you can dream it, you can make it here.

Updated: April 21, 2023