The Dr. Allan Greenberg & Dr. Ellen Junn Warrior Fab Lab

Welcome to the Warrior Fab Lab! We are excited to be a place for innovation through a variety of active learning experiences. Our digital fabrication lab is equipped with the latest tools, machines, and software and technology available to the entire Stan State community. We are open to all Stan State students, staff, and faculty members to create, learn, mentor, and invent. The Fab Lab has trained staff to help bring your ideas to life. The space is designed for a hands-on approach to cross-disciplinary studies and community building through a combination of analog and digital processes whether for personal enrichment, research, teaching, and collaborations.

Fab Lab

Students & General Users

The Warrior Fab Lab is open to all students, staff, and faculty to come in and create whenever we are open.

To use any of our equipment you must first complete its respective Canvas Modules.



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We offer class tours to help engage your students. We encourage classes to utilize the Fab Lab equipment in their class projects.

Class Policy (PDF) 

Class Visitation Form

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Clubs and Organization

Want to make custom shirts, buttons, hats, and more? Here at the Warrior Fab Lab, we can help you with both designing and making these using the equipment we have available to you. Not only will you get custom personalized merch but you will also learn the process.

Clubs/Organizations Visitation Form

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Outside Visitors

Embark on a tour of innovation at our university's Fab Lab! High schools, clubs, and outside groups are invited to explore our cutting-edge facilities for immersive experiences. From 3D printing to laser cutting and electronics, discover hands-on projects that spark creativity and innovation. Schedule your tour today and ignite your passion for discovery!

Fab Lab Tour Form

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Empower innovation with your donation! Support our Fab Lab's growth and educational initiatives. Your contribution fuels creativity and inspires future innovators. Donate today and make a difference!

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Updated: May 06, 2024