One of the Warrior Fab Lab's priorities is to provide equitable access to technology. For use by Stan State students, staff and faculty, we do not charge a fee for equipment use. Our material pricing is at cost or below and can be purchased by cash or credit at the kiosk located in the Vasche Library or in the Cashier Office (MSR 100). Users will be notified of exact costs before material is used.

Fab Lab users may also bring their own materials for use, but must be approved prior to use. Our team is available for suggestions in person or

3D Printers 

We offer 3D printing filament pricing up to 25% off our costs. Standard PLA filament is also available to purchase in the University Bookstore.

PLA Filament (Standard) - $0.02/gram 

PLA Filament (Specialty) - $0.03/gram 

PETG Filament - $0.02/gram 

TPU Filament - $0.03/gram 

HIPS Filament - $0.02/gram 

PVA Filament - $0.08/gram

Laser Cutter 

Chipboard (14-ply) - $1.00/22” x 28” sheet 

Chipboard (30-ply) - $2.00/22” x 28” sheet 

Cardstock - $0.30/sheet 

Plywood (2mm) - $0.01/sq. in 

MDF (¼") - $0.01/sq. in 

MDF (½") - $0.02/sq. in 

Plexiglass (5mm) - $0.05/

Vinyl Cutter 

Vinyl - $3/sq. ft 

Transfer Tape - $0.50/sq. Ft

Button Maker 

Button Blank (1.5”) - $0.15 

Button Blank (2.5”) - $0.25

Large Format 36” Inkjet Printer 

Print on Bond Paper - $0.85/sq ft. 

Print on Photo Paper (Matte) - $1.20/sq. ft 

Print on Photo Paper (Glossy) - $1.25/sq. ft 

Print on Adhesive Matte Vinyl - $1.30/sq. ft 

Print Only (Bring Your Own Paper) - $0.75/sq. Ft

Sublimation Printer 

$1.50/linear foot

CNC Embroidery 

Thread - $0.05/1,000 stitches 

Stabilizer - $0.01/sq. in  

Cotton Fabric - $0.01/sq. in

Pocket NC 5-Axis Mill 

Machine Operation - $0.50/minute

Fab Lab Merchandise 

T-Shirt - $20 

Hat - $18 

Coffee Mug - $10 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle - $20 

Buttons - $3 

Stickers - $3 

Patches - $5 

USB Storage Device - $5 

Updated: October 08, 2022