Mission, Values, and Philosophy Statement

Our Mission

The University Police at Stanislaus State will strive to provide a safe environment where all members of the campus community are free to expand their intellectual, creative, and social horizons. We strive for excellence while maintaining the highest ethics and integrity - traits everyone expects from a police department. Our work is grounded in the robust relationships we've built with our campus community and the strong partnerships with our neighboring allied agencies.

Our Values

Integrity - The success of law enforcement depends upon the trust and confidence we earn from the community and each other. The integrity of each individual member of the department builds an image of integrity for our department. Without this trust, we cannot expect to form a productive partnership with the community.

Diversity - Our community welcomes a diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and administration. Our department is intent on engaging with all of its community members in meaningful ways that support and celebrate the uniqueness that each individual brings to this campus.

Excellence - Staff at the University Police Department strive each day to build upon our tradition of excellence. Each day we will provide our services to the best of our abilities, and never stop asking how to improve in the future.

Our Philosophy

The members of the Stanislaus State University Police Department are a team of individuals with unique skills and abilities. We are committed to working together in support of our Mission and Values, while working collectively to reduce crime and constantly improve the quality of life at Stanislaus State.


Clint Strode
(Taken from Stanislaus State PD Policy Manual)