A Concentration is required of all Liberal Studies majors. It includes the in-depth study of an approved subject. The approved concentrations are listed below. To learn more about the individual courses required to complete each concentration, please click on the hyperlinks attached to each concentration.

Note - the concentration requirements that are hyperlinked below are based on the 2021/2022 catalog year. If you became a student at Stan State before 2021, you might have different requirements and should double check the academic catalog site for the year you entered. Once in the academic catalog site, use the pull down menu on the right to pick your year, then navigate to academic programs - liberal studies - then scroll down to the concentrations area. 

  • You can declare a concentration using the STANPlanner tool in myStanState (first time only). To change your concentration complete the "Declaration or Change of Degree Objective" form. The form is available in the Liberal Studies Department and online on the Enrollment Services website
  • Submit your completed form to the Liberal Studies Department for the necessary signatures and processing.

Updated: July 12, 2023