Important Information Regarding the

Liberal Studies Program


Advising Update (8/24/21)

Virtual advising with the Liberal Studies faculty has started for the Fall 2021 semester. To learn more about advising office hours, and for information on how to schedule an appointment, please navigate to this LINK.

LIBS Advising Information 

Liberal Studies does not require students to see an advisor before registering for courses each semester. We provide you with written information that should allow you to make decisions regarding class choices. However, when you have questions, advisors are available throughout the semester.

We use an open advising system; you can see any advisor who is available at a time convenient for you. Advising hours are posted outside the LIBS office and on our website. We recommend that you not wait until the day before your registration appointment, as many other students will be coming for advising at the same time, and lines can get long.

Declaring Your Concentration

A concentration is required as part of the Liberal Studies major. See your MAP for approved concentrations. Ideally, you should take one or two concentration courses each semester, starting when you reach 50 units. You should see a concentration advisor to get information on recommended course sequences.

To declare your concentration: Go into My CSUstan, and click on Stan Planner. The first page that opens will ask you to choose a concentration from the list. Select your concentration from the list, then click OK. If this process does not work, there is a paper form you can access from Enrollment Services Forms & Publications

Applying for Graduation

Apply for graduation here before or at the beginning of your next to last semester. (example: If you were planning to be done in Spring 2022, you would apply at the end of the Spring 2021 semester.)

Steps to application process:

  1. Student pays for and turns in application on this site.
  2. Enrollment Services processes form and mails it to student (6-8 weeks).
  3. Student brings form to LIBS office, is given concentration form.
  4. Student meets with concentration advisor, then returns to LIBS to make appointment with LIBS department chair.
  5. Student meets with LIBS chair.
  6. Student takes form to Academic Success Center, MSR 210.

Senior Seminar

LIBS 3200: Foundations of Education is a pre-requisite for LIBS 4960: Senior Seminar. It is also expected that all subject matter classes are done or in process by the semester in which you are taking LIBS 4960. Thus, LIBS 4960 is designed to be taken in your final semester.

Other steps towards the Credential Program

Introductory Authorizations

The state of California allows Multiple Subject Credential candidates to add an Introductory Authorization to their credential. The Liberal Studies department is the department that confirms coursework and recommends authorizations. We offer four authorizations: English, Math, Natural Science, and Social Science. These authorizations allow you to teach up to 9th grade curriculum with your Multiple Subject Credential. If you are interested, please see a LIBS advisor for more information.

Applying for the Credential Program at CSU Stanislaus

The Credential Program is part of the Teacher Education department. LIBS faculty can answer basic questions about the program and application process, but you should see Credential Services (DBH 303) and Teacher Education (DBH 330) for full information.

You will apply for the Credential Program (Multiple Subject, Special Education, or Single Subject) in your last semester of LIBS classes. The application is available from the Teacher Education website. You will submit it to the Credential Services Office.

Assessment information 

CBEST - The CBEST fulfills the basic skills requirement for admission to the Credential Program. You should take the test after you have completed your lower division writing and math courses (A1, 2, 3, and Math 1030/1040 or equivalent).CBEST should be passed by the time you are applying to the Credential Program.

CSET Multiple Subjects Waiver - The CSET is no longer required for students in the LIBS major, as we are an approved Waiver program. The CSET waiver courses include all Subject Matter areas, LIBS 1000 and 2000 (or equivalents) and a WP course. The waiver is not automatic; you must take courses on the approved list for Subject Matter and fulfill GPA requirements.

Students who attended Community Colleges, especially institutions not within our service area, should confirm that all transferred courses fulfilled waiver requirements. Department petitions should be completed for any course not listed on the Subject Matter Course Articulation grid. Please see the LIBS office or an advisor for further information.

You should apply for the waiver in your last semester, at the same time that you are applying for the Credential Program. The application is available from the LIBS office; you will turn in the completed application to LIBS.

CD: 1/12/20