What is the RAPP Program?

The Public Health Promotion Research, Advocacy, and Professional Preparation (RAPP) certificate program (a pilot) was designed to supplement and enhance the current program curricula and further prepare students to be marketable, employable, and equipped for diverse public health careers and graduate school. 

The overall objectives RAPP is threefold:  

  1. To involve students in pressing research questions and empirical observations to answer important questions that directly impact the community
  2. To equip students with skills to advocate on national, state, and local legislative issues related to a healthy society and train fellow students
  3. To enhance current curricula to further prepare marketable and employable graduates equipped to enter the public health workforce, pre-professional service, or allied health professions 

What do I benefit from participation?

  • You will be trained to:
    1. Conduct a high-impact, focused research project in collaboration with a community partner/agency
    2. Participate in and/or organize and facilitate an advocacy summit focused on addressing an issue with local, state, and national significance
    3. Develop an e-portfolio to exhibit curricular and co-curricular artifacts which demonstrate knowledge and skills developed in the health promotion program and collegiate experience
  • You will receive a stipend and/or receive funding to attend conferences or advocacy training
  • You will earn KINS 4940 credit for successful completion

What is expected of me?

  • You should be willing to commit to the one-year program (Spring, Summer, & Fall)
  • You should be able to commit ~70hours per semester to the program


Updated: July 13, 2023