Freshman, Sophomores, and other students who have not completed the Enrollment Requirements for the Major will be advised through the Academic Success Center



STAN Planner

STAN Planner is an interactive tool available in myCSUSTAN to help students be more proactive with their course planning. The user-friendly interface gives you a visual presentation of your path to timely degree completion.


When do I see my major advisor?​   

  • ANSWER: The semester you will complete 60 units and the Enrollment Requirements.

​What if I am changing majors to Kinesiology? 

  • ANSWER: You must have the Enrollment Requirements completed before you can be declared a Kinesiology Major. If the Enrollment Requirements are not complete, your major will then be Undeclared with a Kinesiology Interest.
  • The Enrollment Requirements vary slightly based on the concentration, but are located on the top of each concentration sheet. The Enrollment Requirements may include Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Statistics, Chemistry, and Health in Today's Society. Check your specific concentration to be sure. 

What if I am switching Kinesiology concentrations?

  • ANSWER: Check with your current major advisor first

What if I will have 60 units (Junior) status at the end of Fall, 2017?

  • ANSWER: You must have Enrollment Requirements Completed (See FAQ #2) – schedule an advising appointment

For the Health Promotion concentration, do I have to take BIO1010/1020 and MBIO2010 and MBIO3010?

  • ANSWER: BIOL1010/1020 is generally a lower division GE requirement. Only students who were Pre-Nursing before switching to major in Kineisology may have MBIO2010 or MBIO3010 count as fullfilling the Biology Enrollment Requirement for the major.

For the Exercise Science concentration, will any Chemistry course count?

  • ANSWER: No, only General Chemistry (CHEM1100/1102) will fullfill the Chemistry Enrollment Requirement. Many of the graduate programs students want to attend after obtaining the Exercise Science concentration require at least General Chemistry. 

Where do I find copies of advising forms?

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

  • ANSWER: Your advisor will have a sign up sheet posted outside their office. Some faculty also have online appointment schedules. If the advisor uses an online scheduler, you can select their name below to make an appointment or find the information posted on their door. 

Degree Programs and Concentrations


B.A. in Kinesiology: Single Subject Matter Program P.E.(K12) (Yellow Sheet)

B.A. in Kinesiology: Exercise Science (Orange Sheet - DISC Fall 19)

B.S. in Exercise Science (Orange Sheet - Start Fall 19)

  • Advising sheets posted soon
  • Degree Advising Sheet (Rehabilitation Science)
  • Suggested Course Sequence Roadmap (Rehabilitation Science)
  • Degree Advising Sheet (Movement Science)
  • Suggested Course Sequence Roadmap (Movement Science)

B.A. in Kinesiology: Health Promotion (Purple Sheet)


If you have previously seen an advisor, stay with them. If you are new, the advising list is divided among advisors based on the first letter of your last name.

B.A. in Kinesiology: Single Subject Matter Program P.E.(K12)

First Letter of Last Name Advisor Office Email
A - L Dr. Erin Hall F 141
M - Z Dr. Heather Deaner F 138


B.S. in Exercise Science: Concentrations in Rehabilitation Science and Movement Science

First Letter of Last Name Advisor Office Email
A - H Dr. Sue Eastham F 134
I - R Dr. Arya Alami FX 107 
S - Z Dr. Jeff Bernard F 137

B.A. in Kinesiology: Health Promotion

First Letter of Last Name Advisor Office Email
A - G Dr. Brent Powell F 135
H - M Dr. Ping Luo FX 105 
N - S Dr. Eric Conrad F 132

T - Z Dr. Wura Jacobs F 136


Students who are are following the white sheet (B.A. in Kinesiology) will see Dr. Heather Deaner, and students who are blue sheet (Liberal Studies - P.E. Concentration) will see Dr. Erin Hall.