Health Promotion Practicum

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Field Experience Information Page

This course is a capstone course and is only taken by senior level students in their last semester. This course can only be registered for utilizing a Special Registration Form and you must meet with your advisor. The Special Registration Form can also be found in the Kinesiology Department front office. Download Special Registration Form 

Course Description:  A cumulative experience for students to utilize the skills that they have learned in obtaining their concentration in Health Promotion.  Students will complete a 75 hour internship.  During this time students will be placed in a Health or Community organization where they will provide assistance as needed to the organization.  During their experience students will assess, design, and/or evaluate a health promotion program that provides opportunity for the organization to better serve the priority population of the organization.  The internship is to provide students with work experience in a professional capacity and practice the skills learned through the CSU Stanislaus Health Promotion concentration.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • To utilize health promotion tools to understand the need of an organization and the community it serves
  • To understand the importance of an assessment
  • To implement theory in practice
  • To identify a specific challenge to the priority population
  • To design and/or implement an intervention (program plan) using best practice methods to improve the priority population
  • Set up evaluation methods for the program plan

It is the student's responsibility to understand the assessment, theory, intervention (program plan), and evaluation at your placement location, although you will most likely NOT have enough time to work on each area.  If you are unable to identify each area and present an understanding the likelihood of NOT passing is very high.


  • Working with diverse communities
  • Assessment, Program Planning, Evaluation
  • 75 hours experience

Course work includes:

  • Reports
  • Developing and Presenting of a Poster
  • Video Presentation of Project

Health Promotion Practicum Sample Syllabus 

Host Organization Responsibility:



  • Memorandum of Understanding between organization and California State University, Stanislaus
  • Internships are not positions that would have been a paid position
  • Safe and comfortable atmosphere

If you are a community or health organization that is interested in hosting a Health Promotion student during a fall or spring semester, please contact our Health Promotion Internship Coordinator, Heidi Santino.

Sample Listing of Previous Health Promotion Intership Locations