History Major

phi alpha thetaDiscover what you can learn and where an history major can take you.

A degree in history gives you a broad set of skills that you can use throughout your life. These skills foster success in virtually any career and give you a broader and deeper understanding of today’s complex, evolving world. Don’t just learn what happened. Learn why it happened. The history program can prepare you for the classroom, the courtroom or the boardroom. 

in the classroom


  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • World Events
  • Politics
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Ancestry
  • Environment
  • Travel

icon Learn

  • Master techniques of research, writing and speaking in order to find, evaluate and interpret information.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that shed light on how conflicts erupt and societies emerge.
  • Unite your personal interests with the broader world.


  • Law
  • Documentary filmmaking
  • Politics
  • Civil service
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Teaching

iconCareer Opportunities

  • Peace Corps
  • Congress
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • Stanislaus County Superior Court
  • Cisco
  • Stanislaus State
  • California State Lottery Commission
  • Amazon
  • Angels Camp City Museum 

icon Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Minors: History, World History
  • Concentrations: Those majoring in Liberal Studies and Social Sciences can complete their concentration in History.
  • Master of Arts in History, with concentrations in secondary school teaching.

History Alumna

"One of the most important skills that I learned when I earned a Bachelor of Arts in History was to develop my writing and researching skills. Becoming a clear and concise writer is important for my career to effectively communicate ideas and policies. A Bachelors of Arts in History degree taught me how to research effectively, a skill I use every day in my job to find out how to complete a project or to develop a well-rounded report."

Sarah Schraeder
History Alumna