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Priority Registration

Priority registration uses a two-pass system that allows students to register for 12 units during the first-pass, or first appointment time. Immediately following is a second-pass, or a second appointment time that allows registration into the maximum units allowed for the term (currently 18 units). Each appointment time is determined by units completed within class level in the following order: seniors, master’s and credential students, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and unclassified post baccalaureate students. Registration can only be done online during this time.

Open Registration

Open registration follows the priority registration period and all eligible continuing, returning and new graduate students may add or drop classes during this time. Courses with a waitlist option that are full can now be added as well. Registration can be done online or in-person at the Enrollment Services in MSR 120 office or at the Stockton campus.

Census Date

The enrollment census date is the twentieth day of instruction for Fall and Spring semesters and is the last date that any registration, Add or Drop, requests can be made for that term. Census dates for Special Session Winter and Summer are determined by Extended Education and can be found on their website. Enrollment changes WILL NOT be accepted after this date.