Two Year Graduation Pledge

The Stanislaus State Two Year Graduation Pledge Program is a program designed to guarantee graduation within two years for students with an Associate Degree for Transfer. The program involves a promise by students to attend full-time and meet program requirements as described below. The University, in turn, provides a coordinated advising program and provides priority registration*. Our pledge program is based on the philosophy that if both the University and the student uphold their commitment, graduation in two years should be guaranteed. The program is limited to students who are residents of California.

Eligible Majors

Your major must be deemed similar to your Associate Degree for Transfer. To view a current list of AA-T/AS-T approved degrees deemed similar by Stanislaus State visit the Associate Degree for Transfer website and click on your community college and Stanislaus.

Students who commit to participate agree to:

  • Meet with an assigned major advisor to develop an enrollment plan.
  • Complete a minimum of 30 units in an academic year, including summer and winter session.
  • Review and modify the enrollment plan as needed with the assigned major advisor at least once each semester.
  • Enroll in classes during the established priority registration period and pay fees by the required deadlines, as appropriate.

* CA Promise students will be prioritized within their academic level during second pass registration (i.e., CA Promise seniors will get second-pass priority over other seniors, and CA Promise juniors will get second-pass priority over other juniors).


New Students

Questions can be directed to Ronniesha Ford Spears in Enrollment Services at Eligible students will be contacted.

Enrolled Students

Enrolled students who sign the pledge will have a faculty advisor assigned by their major department. General questions can be directed to Dr. Keith Nainby, Faculty Director of Advising & Learning Cohorts, at or Gabriela Nuño, Director, Advising and Success Center, at

Updated: July 16, 2024