Event Specific Response Guides

These guides detail both the expected response of the University community as well as the University administration.

    Emergency Procedures

    Report all suspicious behavior immediately - Call 911

    • Evacuate area (call 911)
    • Activate fire alarm
    • Assist others

    • Check the scene for safety
    • Call 911 for help
    • Care with the use of First Aid


    • Have an escape route and plan in mind, and assist others
    • Leave your belongings behind
    • Keep your hands visible when encountering police officers


    • Hide in an area out of the active shooter’s view
    • Block entry to your hiding place and lock doors if possible


    • Work together to confuse and incapacitate the shooter through physical aggression

    • Walk to the nearest exit and go to an evacuation gathering area away from the building
    • Stay out of the way of Emergency personnel and vehicles
    • Immediately notify emergency response personnel of disabled or injured persons needing assistance inside

    • Call 911 for immediate hazards
    • Learn and implement the SIN acronym
      • S - Safety
      • I - Isolate & deny entry
      • N - Notification

    Updated: August 18, 2023