Preparing for an Emergency

Campus Things to Do & Know

Call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance. Know the location of emergency blue light call boxes.
See: Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes Map
Print-Friendly: Emergency Blue Light Call Boxes Map.pdf

Become familiar with building evacuation plans and the name of your Building Marshal and Monitor.

Identify the location of evacuation gathering areas outside campus buildings.
See: Evacuation Gathering Areas Maps
Print-Friendly: Evacuation Gathering Area Map_Turlock.jpg
                          Evacuation Gathering Area Map_Stockton.jpg

Know your Departmental Emergency Contact Phone Tree plan; keep the contact numbers updated and activate it in an emergency.

Identify the location of evacuation chairs and fire extinguishers in your building.

Keep the Emergency Alert phone number handy for updates: 1-877-STAN-411.

Emergency Readiness Starts With You. Hazard/Threat Determination > Hazard Mitigation > Preparedness > Planning > Response > Recovery