Is Your Area Too Hot or Cold?

If there is a classroom, lab, or office that is either too hot or too cold, please contact Capital Planning & Facilities Management (CPFM) at (209) 667-3211 or during normal office hours, Monday through Friday. For summer hours and holiday shutdown times, please refer to the campus calendar.

In general, the campus follows Executive Order 987 which mandates building temperatures between 68degF and 78degF, which is currently what the HVAC system uses as the boundaries for heating and cooling. (Heating is set at 68degF, while cooling is set at 78degF.)

If your area is outside your temperature comfort zone but is at least 68degF during winter and 78degF during summer, we hope that you will adjust and assist us in our energy conservation by dressing accordingly. CPFM strongly discourages the use of personal heaters and fans, except in special cases.