Landscape Service

Capital Planning & Facilities Management (CPFM) provides a planned program of grounds and landscape care that includes turf maintenance; care of shrubs, plantings, and trees; road and walkway cleaning and maintenance, as well as irrigation system maintenance, landscape pest control, green waste recycling and trash collection and disposal. If assistance is required in the following areas, please call the Customer Service Center at (209) 667-3211 for further information.

  • Landscape irrigation system operation/repairs
  • Tree and shrub trimming
  • Landscape pest control
  • Scheduled mowing activities
  • Landscape design and consultation
  • Exterior trash collection and removal
  • Cleaning streets and parking lots
  • Paving and patching streets and sidewalks
  • Maintaining walkways and parking improvements

2017 Campus Tree Map.pdf                       Accessible 2017 Campus Tree Map