What is SCA? 

Speech Capture and Analysis is a program designed to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their oral communication competency through one-on-one sessions with a Peer Communication Consultant.


As speech capture consultants, we aim to help strengthen our fellow peers' speech abilities. Being students ourselves, we know first-hand what it's like to be nervous before a presentation or project.  Speech Capture & Analysis utilizes common speech techniques that can be applied to life and college assignments alike. In our Speech Capture & Analysis (SCA) sessions, students may learn how to strengthen their articulation, body language, and everyday speaking skills. Through practice and dedication, SCA ensures every student performs to the best of their speech capability with a network of resources available to them.

In these past few years, our speech capabilities may have been weakened by the time we spent online. Moving forward into physical classrooms once again, SCA may assist students with their speech-related needs. The SCA office can provide needed recording materials to students such as camera and video equipment, a space to record, and a place for students to become the public speakers we know they can be. 

Sheila Media 

  • Art major

  • Junior

  • I really enjoy reading, watching anime, and spending time with my puppy, Osito. I mostly read romance, mystery, and fantasy books. My favorite anime would have to be Haikyuu.

Abianna Solorzano 

  • Communication Studies major

  • Sophomore

  • If I'm not at school, then you can definitely find me drawing or painting. I love anything related to art.  I also have a band with two of my best friends.  Search up Angelite on Youtube!

Make an Appointment

In-Person Appointment


For an in-person appointment, the student will make an appointment through Microsoft Bookings and choose a consultant, date, and time available. When the day of the appointment comes, students will go to the SCA Office located in the DBH building, room #124E. The consultant will go over the student's video and provide feedback/solutions/suggestions, go over outlines, etc. 

Asynchronous Appointment


For an online appointment, the student will make an appointment through Microsoft Bookings and choose a consultant, date, and time available. The student will receive a link through their student e-mail, and will meet with the consultant virtually through Microsoft Teams. In the meeting they will go over the student's speech, provide feedback/solutions/suggestions, go over outlines, etc. 

Online Appointment


In an asynchronous appointment, the student will submit their speech video on GoReact. A consultant will come in and assess the student's speech with placement markers, fill out a consultation form, and leave a video comment on the video for the student to watch. The placement markers will set be throughout the video.  They are labeled as: "Nervous Behavior", "Bad Eye-contact", "Good Eye-Contact", etc. The consultation form also has a series of questions, that the consultant will answer and attach within GoReact for the student to review. 

Updated: September 01, 2023