step one

Get Familiar With Our Website! 

All students must be advised before each registration period: once in the Fall for Winter and Spring terms and once in the Spring for Summer and Fall terms. After the advising session, the students major advisor will clear the advising hold in the University system, and the student may then register via any time after the designated registration date and time. 

step two

Schedule an Appointment With Your Advisor

Students are assigned a major advisor, and it is the responsibility of the student to make an appointment during the advising period with the assigned advisor. You can find your advisor on Warrior Connect. Advising appointments are usually during the four weeks prior to priority registration. With most advisors, signing up for an appointment is done via Warrior Connect. If you have to reschedule, you should do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Schedule appointment on Warrior Connect

How to cancel your appointment

step three

Prepare for Your Appointment

Start mapping your classes by using the appropriate worksheets for your catalog year and filling out the Advising Chart, provided at the bottom of the page. Please fill in the form, and have it accessible to discuss during the advising appointment. 

Updated: August 03, 2023