1. Complete the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements. 
  2. Complete the following prerequisites to the major: (6-9 units) 
    A.  Complete G. E. Area A1 by taking: 
    COMM 2000 - Public Speaking3 unit(s) 
    COMM 2110 - Group Discussion Processes3 unit(s) 
    B.  Complete G. E. Area D2 by taking: 
    COMM 2011 - Introduction to Communication Studies3 unit(s)  
    COMM 2200 - Introduction to Mass Media3 unit(s) * 
  3. The following is the department recommendation for completing a lower-division G.E. requirement: 
    A. Complete Area A3 by taking: 
    COMM 2300 - Argumentation and Critical Thinking3 unit(s) 
  4. Complete the major with no fewer than 33 upper-division units, as approved by the major adviser. 
    Majors must take all courses counted toward the major for a letter grade if the letter grade option is available. 
  5. Students must achieve a C- grade or better in all prerequisites to the major. 
  6. Students must achieve a C- grade or better in all courses that count toward fulfilling the requirements for the major. 
  7. Students must achieve an overall average of 2.0 GPA or better in the major. 
  8. Completion of a minor is not required. 
  9. Laboratory and Internship Courses 
    The following laboratory, internship, and individual study courses may not be applied to the major: 

Laboratory and internship units, with a maximum of 9 total combined units, may count toward the 120 units required for graduation. 

The Major 

(33 units minimum) ** 

Students are reminded to check course descriptions carefully when selecting upper-division courses; enrollment may require completion of one or more prerequisites. 

  1. Complete the following required upper-division CORE courses (12 units) 
    COMM 3200 - Communication Theory (WP)3 unit(s) 
    COMM 3900 - Applied and Social Scientific Research Methods in Communication3 unit(s)OR 
    COMM 3910 - Critical and Interpretive Research Methods in Communication3 unit(s) 
    COMM 4160 - Intercultural Communication3 unit(s) 
    COMM 4900 - Senior Capstone3 unit(s) 
  2. Complete two of the following upper-division BREADTH courses. (6 units)  
    Include at least 3 units from group A and 3 units from group B below. 
    A.  Complete 3 units OUTSIDE YOUR TRACK from the following courses: 
    1. Relational and Organizational Communication Track students, select one: 
    COMM 3140 - Persuasive Messages  
    COMM 3550 - Media and Public Perception 
    2. Public Communication and Media Track students, select one: 
    COMM 3100 - Advanced Interpersonal Commun  
    COMM 3110 - Organizational Communication 
    B.  Complete 3 units of upper-division COMM OR JOUR Elective course taken outside of the Major track. 
    See your advisor for approval of this course. Laboratory and Internship courses may not be applied in the major; however, these courses may count toward the 120 units required for graduation.
  3. Complete one of the following upper-division DEPTH TRACKS in Communication Studies:(15 units) 
    A.  Relational and Organizational Communication Track (15 units) 
    1. Complete 3 units from the following courses: 
    COMM 3100 - Advanced Interpersonal Commun3 unit(s)  
    COMM 3110 - Organizational Communication3 unit(s) 
    2. Complete 4 courses from the following upper-division electives: (12 units minimum) Courses may not cross-count with any other part of the Communication Studies major. 

**Courses may not cross-count for more than one requirement in the Major. No course substitutions. 

Updated: July 06, 2023