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  • The Campus Recreation Center is now on TikTok! Follow us at @campus_recreation.
  • The Campus Recreation Center has a Spotify account! Follow us at @campusrec365.
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Spotify Playlists

From sweat-filled, pumped up EDM to post-shower, low-strumming acoustic, our playlists will help you energize, exercise, and recharge for the long week ahead.

  • Workin' Wednesdays: Welcome your Wednesdays with Warrior Pride with our Workin’ Wednesdays playlist! Whether you are at work, working out, or working on homework, our weekly themed playlist will boost your energy to get through the next half of the week.
  • Sleep Easy: After a hard workout and a relaxing shower, feel free to lay down and close your eyes while you listen to mellow R&B, calming alternative, and more soothing beats on our Sleep Easy playlist.
  • Stretch and Chill: Stretch your body, shake off the sweat, and de-stress your mind to the sounds of chill pop, contemporary R&B, and more refreshing beats on our Stretch and Chill playlist.
  • Pump It Up: Jump off your couch, build up a sweat, and pump up the volume as you listen to powerful and adrenaline-inducing EDM on our Pump It Up playlist. 
  • Bar on the Beat: Drop your squat a little lower and groove to the rhythmic sounds of rap, reggaeton, and other base filled beats on our Bar on the Beat playlist.